Murder On The Orient Express. Film Tie-In

Murder On The Orient Express. Film Tie-In

Auteur : Agatha Christie
Genre : Livres, Romans policiers et polars, Thrillers,
Lire : 3198
Télécharger : 2665
Taille du fichier : 17.71 MB
format : PDF, ePub

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Murder On The Orient Express. Film Tie-In

A large format illustrated edition of Agatha Christie's novel featuring stunning artwork and photography from the 2017 film adaptation.'The murderer is with us - on the train now . . .'The Orient Express was unusually full for the time of year. Hercule Poirot sat in the elegant restaurant-car and amused himself by observing his fellow passengers: a Russian princess of great ugliness, a haughty English colonel, an American with a strange glint in his eye . . . and many more. The food and company were most congenial and the little Belgian detective was looking forward to a pleasant journey.But it was not to be. After a restless night, Poirot awoke to find that tragedy had struck. First, the train had been brought to a standstill by a huge snowdrift. Secondly, a passenger lay dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside . . .This illustrated edition contains the complete text of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, together with 200 glorious production paintings and sumptuous photos from the new film, directed by Kenneth Branagh.

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